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Looking for Wood burners in Cheshire

The hype and interest in wood burning stoves is bigger than ever and Cheshire is no exception. Wood burners in Cheshire have become increasingly popular. However, depending on what part of Cheshire you live in, you will need to contact your local council to see if you can burn wood. If like many parts of Cheshire, you are under smoke control restrictions then you will need to purchase a wood burner that is DEFRA approved (assuming you wish to burn wood that is) and under current laws.

At Edwards of Sale we have many brands and styles of wood burners on display and can advise you on which models are approved for burning wood in smoke-controlled areas. We have been trading for nearly fifty years now and are experts in wood burners in Cheshire as well as stoves, fires and fireplaces. When looking to purchase a wood burner in Cheshire there are other factors to take into consideration like how much heat do you need. A stove rated over 5kw will require additional ventilation via airbricks. You will also need to consider the size of the room along with how many outside walls, how many windows and whether you have cavity wall insulation.

If you are looking for a wood burner Cheshire, you also need to consider the practicalities of where you can store the wood for the burner and what kind of wood is best to burn. Dried seasoned wood is always best and can be bought already seasoned. It’s cheaper to buy the wood before it goes through the seasoning process but bear in mind it will take you a long time to do this yourself letting it dry naturally.

Our installers offer expert advice on site to insure the stove you select is suitable and meets your needs as well as help you consider all the practicalities of having a wood burner.

In addition to the stoves we have a huge range of oak beams, stone hearths & chambers and complete fireplaces, all of which can be made to size and colour – ensuring you get the exact focal point you’re looking for. There is always risk that can come with purchasing online or from outlets that have no showroom. We offer the complete package all under one roof.

With Over 40 years experience and having supplied and fitted over 45,000 fires and fireplaces you know you're in good hands

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