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Considering Wood Burners in Altrincham?

Looking for wood burners in Altrincham can be confusing to say the least. With new laws to be introduced about burning wood and different rules for different areas, here are some of the things you need to know.

The most important thing is that you cannot burn wood in an open fire or certain stoves in Altrincham. The only way around this is to purchase a stove that is DEFRA approved. This means that you can burn as much wood as you like. Our advice would be to burn seasoned wood from a reputable company not bits of paint covered rotten garage wood from the bottom of the garden 
A well fitted stove should be installed on a natural hearth, not man made is it can crack under the heat. You will need to decide whether you want a fireplace, wood beam or just a plastered finish. In addition, there are some great fireplace chambers on the market made from different slates or brick amongst others.

Finally, the main feature – the stove. Stoves in Altrincham are available at all price points and the price doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality. If you want to find some impartial feedback on whether a stove is good or not, then why not visit www.whatstove.co.uk. This is a great website and shows actual customer feedback.

Our range of wood burning stoves in Altrincham are tried and tested by us and our customers. If we have issues with a particular stove, we take it off display and replace it with something else. The biggest problems we have had are tops cracking and is a direct response to the cast being too thin. Budget stoves in Altrincham look good from a price point of view but the way they achieve lower prices is to make the cast thin. This compromise on quality can cause many problems down the line. For this reason, we only sell quality wood burners Altrincham.

For more information and advice about choosing wood burners in Altrincham give us a ring.

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