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Why buying from a showroom is BEST!

Below is our view of why buying from a showroom is always best. Just our opinion from years of feedback in our area. Hopefully it will make for interesting reading.

There are many internet companies claiming huge savings on their products. ‘There is no middle man so we can offer you the best prices.’ This is not strictly true as they themselves are the middlemen. Consider purchasing a stove from an internet company, in this industry it is heavily service orientated. The product they sell could be slightly cheaper than the one you saw in your local showroom, however if the hearth you ordered with it is not the correct material it can crack under the heat. It could be that the chamber size is incorrect or that the liner is too short. There are many potential issue that can occur when purchasing on the internet.

You could ask a local fitter to tell you what to buy with a view of them installing it for you. What would happen if something is measured incorrectly? Do you know that the fitter will reimburse you for the error? And what about the cost of rescheduling decorators and carpet fitters if you are having other work done?

It’s also worth considering what happens if you run into difficulties and the appliance doesn’t perform as sold. It’s common in this situation for the installer to blame the appliance and the manufacturer to blame the installation. This can leave you somewhere in the middle not knowing how to correct the issue.

At Edwards of Sale our staff are fully trained to assess your needs and provide a complete list of approved products to compliment your choice of stove or wood burner. From this we can start to build the focal point you desire. The job is surveyed prior to fit so we know that all sizes, components and requirements have been met. If in the future if you have an issue the sales adviser will handle your problem and the same fitter will rectify it.

We feel that this represents fantastic value and peace of mind for you the customer.

With Over 40 years experience and having supplied and fitted over 45,000 fires and fireplaces you know you're in good hands

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