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Thinking of a Stove in Warrington

It’s no secret that wood burning stoves are the craze at the minute, and not without reason. They offer good heat, efficiency and above all the most amazing flame effect. Who doesn’t like to watch a few logs blazing away safely tucked up in their own home on a winters night.

So what do you need to know about stoves Warrington. First you need to consider the practical side which is how much heat and efficiency you require. Many wood burning stoves have an output of 5kw which is normally ok for a typical lounge and won’t require an air brick. If it’s a big lounge or large area in general you would require more than this.

A good fitter will advise you on site and will take into account other things like how many outside walls, how many windows in the room and whether you have cavity wall insulation.

Once the heat requirements have been established you can consider the aesthetics of the stove. Our showroom in Sale has many stoves on display catering for all styles. In addition we also have many hearths, chambers, beams and fireplaces – all of which can be made to custom sizes.

Our recommendation for hearths would be a natural material like granite or slate as they are very hard and won’t show up the muck. Porcelain slate tiles are also very effective and come in several different colours and styles.
The chambers also come in a variety of materials like brick effect, slate or heatproof board which can be painted.
Our beams can be made from geocast or solid oak. The solid oak beams range from modern primed to heavily distressed and in any colour or size.

If you are looking to frame your stove with a fireplace then avoid man made materials. Due to the resin content of a man made product they can crack under the heat of a wood burning stove. There are many stones and marbles that lend themselves beautifully to a stove. For quick ideas then Houzz or Pinterest are fantastic places to start. Alternatively you can look here in our galleries or on our Facebook page.

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