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Thinking of having a new Stove in Manchester?

Are you looking to invest in a solid fuel stove in Manchester and don’t know where to start? Well perhaps the following can shed some light and help you decide on whether you are choosing the right product or not.

Burning a solid fuel stove in Manchester is a great way to heat your room/home but firstly it’s important to know that you can’t burn wood on just any stove in the area. You can burn smokeless fuels but if it’s wood you’re looking to burn then your stove will need to be DEFRA approved. With a DEFRA approved stove in Manchester you can burn wood to your hearts content.

It’s also worth thinking about where you will buy and store your wood. The less expensive option is to buy unseasoned wood and dry it yourself. This can take many months naturally and will require a good, well ventilated area to season it. Alternatively, you can purchase dried wood in bags normally of around 25kg. This will cost slightly more but is much easier and less space is required.

In addition to fuels you will need to consider how much heat you need and whether it’s a primary or secondary source of heat. Our fitters always conduct a survey to assure the stove of your choice will meet your needs. The most common stoves in Manchester that we sell are 5kw so no air brick is required. If it’s over 5kw output, then air ventilation will be required.
So, once the practical aspects have been considered the focus can then be on design and what your preferences are. We have many modern and traditional stoves on display and many more can be ordered in.

We will soon be trading into our 50th year and are more determined than ever to provide great products and services. So, if you’re considering stoves Manchester, why not give us a call.

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