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Gas stove vs wood burner Cheshire

If you are looking to add a nice focal point to your living room and don’t know which is best then why not consider the following:-

The difference between gas and solid fuel comes down to a few things. Firstly there is the convenience – gas stoves win this hands down. With a push of a button you have instant heat that can be regulated to the desired level and turned off just as easily. With a wood burner there is a longer warm up period and that’s assuming you already built the fire earlier that day. The following day it needs cleaning out and the process repeating. Also take into account where you will store your wood and if you are seasoning it yourself it can take many months. So winner in this department goes to gas.

Secondly is the heat and efficiency. Gas stoves typically give no more than 8kw of heat and that really is the higher end, most between 3kw and 4kw. With a wood burner the most common heat is 5kw but they can go up 15kw and even higher for some models. This would only be advisable for very large spaces and not an average lounge. The efficiency is very similar between gas and solid fuel stoves as both are glass fronted which instantly creates good efficiency. The price you pay for your wood makes a difference here but in a typical property our view is this is a draw.

Flame effect. This one is quite simple. Although gas stoves are coming along nicely in terms of flame pattern they just fall short of a real wood burning stove. Currently there is nothing on the market that can really blaze away like a wood burning stove – the logs completely engulfed and the flames filling the stove. Winner in this department goes to wood burning stoves.

Range. There are many more wood burning stoves Cheshire on the market than gas. Our view is that there is a big enough range of gas stoves to cater for every taste, modern, traditional or classic there are many brands manufacturing them. With this in mind we feel a draw is fair.

Overall there is no right or wrong answer. Think about what you need your stove for and how often you will use it. Have you got space to store plenty of wood or is instant heat better for you?

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