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Looking for a gas log burner in Cheshire?

Want to know the benefits of a gas log burner in Cheshire?

Below are some of the key points to take into consideration when making a comparison against a solid fuel wood burner.

So the main key features of a gas stove are its convenience and efficiency. Unlike a wood burner a gas log burner can be turned on or off at the push of a button and the heat regulated just as easily. There is no fire to build every night, no throwing logs on every so often and more importantly no cleaning out the following morning.

There is a common misconception about solid fuel being much cheaper than gas to run. This would be true if you were comparing it to an old gas appliance but they have come a long way in recent years. generally speaking anything glass fronted will be much cheaper to run regardless if it’s gas or solid fuel.

There are other considerations to think about like cost to fit. Again gas will be much cheaper as you won’t need to line your chimney (as long as your chimney works after testing) saving £400 -£600. Also you won’t need special hearths fitting like many wood burners require again making a substantial saving.

Finally with a gas log burner in Cheshire any stove is good to go. With a wood burning stove in the Cheshire area you have to by a DEFRA approved stove which adds to the cost. If a stove is DEFRA approved it means you can burn wood, if it’s not approved then you cannot.

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