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A guide to buying multifuel stoves Manchester!

If you are looking to buy a multifuel stove in Manchester follow this guide to make sure you get the basics right.

First of all did you know it’s illegal to burn wood in Manchester on some stoves and all open fires?

It’s a hefty fine if you are caught but there is good news. If you purchase a stove that is DEFRA approved it means you can burn wood as often as you like. The reason for this is mainly due to the governments clamping down on anything that is detrimental to the atmosphere. Open fires are very inefficient and burn lots of wood for little heat. Stoves by comparison burn longer and hotter and are generally much cleaner. The DEFRA approved models will say things like ‘smoke control’ or ‘smoke exempt’.

All good stoves need to be fitted on a steel liner that goes up the chimney. It’s not required by law but all good fitters recommend it and there are many reasons. One being it’s easier to sweep and maintain and another is that smoke won’t come back into the room. There are more reasons but they are the main ones.

The types of multifuel stoves in Manchester to look out for have good air control and a thick cast. Cheaper thin cast options can crack under the intense heat and will become more expensive in the long run. If you want to know if it’s good or not check the weight. The air control means you have a better control of the heat output. A good way to find out what people think of a stove is to Google ‘Whatstove’ it’s the top website and is full of customer feedback.

In terms of heat requirements well a good fitter or well-trained sales adviser can advise you. The most common is 5kw as you don’t need an air brick fitted. If you go over 5kw you will need an air brick fitting in order for it to be signed off. This will lead to cold air entering the room so take this into consideration.

The cost of fitting is important. Here at Edwards of Sale we have had many fitters over the years and can say with confidence that all good fitters charge a good price. They don’t need to chase work because they consistently do a good job efficiently and cleanly. Typically good fitters will charge anything from £700 – £1000 in the Manchester area which would include the brickwork knocking out, lintel fitted and skimmed up. The hearths would then get bedded in and chamber set in place. The fitter would then drop the liner from the roof down the chimney and connect it all up below. So you can see there’s a lot of work to do.

We have built good relationships over the years with all our fitters and can fit all types of gas fires and multifuel stove in Manchester.

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